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About Shepherdstown Public Library Foundation

The Shepherdstown Public Library Foundation aims to promote literacy and lifelong learning in the community by providing access to books, educational resources, and programs that support literacy and learning.

Foundation Overview

The foundation was formed in 2014 with two primary goals. The first was to assist in a capital campaign to raise money for the construction of the new library. That goal was met and our beautiful new library opened to the public on July 24, 2022.


The second goal of the foundation is to ensure the long term financial stability of the library by creating an endowment. This is crucial for the following reasons:

  • Operating expenses for the 8,900 square foot library are much higher than the German Street building. For example, energy expenses have increased 1000%.

  • We have added over 1,400 patrons since we have opened. Which is wonderful but means we have added expenses related to staffing, collections, materials, and supplies.

  •  State and local government fiscal allocations covers about three quarters of the operating expenses of the library, so we rely on fundraising to fill that gap.

  •  Emergencies happen, so we need funds to protect us just in case.

The Shepherdstown Public Library Foundation is establishing an endowment to ensure the continued viability of the Shepherdstown Public Library. An endowment is defined as an established fund of cash, securities, or other assets to provide income for the maintenance of a nonprofit entity. This can be built through donations, bequests, investments, grants, etc. The endowment will be managed by the board members of the Shepherdstown Public Library Foundation, and promises to bring lasting benefits to our library, our patrons, and our community.  

Our Board

The Foundation Board is composed of community members from the public and private sectors who donate their time and expertise to accomplish the Foundation’s goals. We work hand-in-hand with the library’s Director and its Board of Trustees to ensure that private funds go where they are most needed.

  • John Barton (President)

  • Linda Spatig (Vice President)

  • Brian Schatz (Treasurer)

  • Lisbeth Loughran (Secretary)

  • Erin Clark (Member)

  • Mina Goodrich (Member)

  • Christy Hagerty (Director, Shepherdstown Public Library)

  • Terry Kramer (President, Shepherdstown Public Library Board of Trustees)

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